FastPay Casino Review | Honest Review by Casino Guru

FastPay Casino Review | Honest Review by Casino Guru

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FastPay Casino Review | Honest Review by Casino Guru

My name is Evan I’m a vip there I spend sometimes 10k a month I have played and lost maybe over 100k there not sure maybe more and won some I played for sure 10s of thousands of dollars vip is 0 here
The only vip you get is cash back and it’s available in all casinos and to reach level 10 you have to palsy 100s of thousands dollars of bets and money which I did and you get 3500 birthday bonus which has wagering most don’t make it

I lose 10s I of 10s of 1000s of dollars till this day been playing here none stop for a year or more I never once received 10$ bonus free I ask manager I get 0 I ask chat I get 20 spins worth 10 cent each after spending 20k

If you wanna play for fast cash out great if your playing fro vip there is 0 here I mean I have lost like I said since day one 10s of thousands of dollars I’m level 10 which is the highest almost vip and I get 10% cash back other casinos I get that without any vip or most after a week

To collect vip points is so so slow black level you need to spend 5 million dollars to get it and I’m not joking

If your playing as regular player great if your thinking of free cash or bonuses even if you spend 1 million dollar you won’t get 1$ I have manager in telegram I don’t even get cash back 1 hour before time

If I miss reload bonus which is once a week 50% for vip players 30x wagering or 35x wagering lol if I miss it 1 hour they won’t give it to me lol

No one spends money as much as me there I lose 1000s weekly for months if you are a regular player or vip player there is 0 difference other then the 2500 you get has tons of wagering after like spending 50k or playing 100000s of dollars if bets and most likely won’t make it to wager and then you have to spend 100s if thousands of dollars of bets which means your losing you will get another 3500 which has wagering 10x or more and most likely won’t wager if your lucky maybe one out of many

Other then that you are no different then regular player

As mentioned I spend 1000s monthly sometimes 5k 10k and no matter how much you spend they will not give you 1$ free there is no personal vip manager the vip and bonuses are the worst here

The casino is honest fast payout good games payments options but I have almost highest level vip for playing tons of money and till
This day I ask chat or manager for 10$ I don’t get it

I play at lvnet after spending 10k I got personal manager and I was getting 100$ free 200$ free every time I lost few 1000

I talked to manager and said maybe they will fix this issue but I’m telling you that don’t play here in hope you will be valued you will get same treatment as someone who spends 1$ a month

I spent and played tons of money still Till this day if you spend 1$ I’m no different then you this is very disappointing and sad because this casino has some good things but if your a player who is like me spends 10am of thousands you will not get one penny from manager or chat 0 chance

And to collect points to cash then play 50 thousands dollars worth of bets sometimes and infer maybe 10$ or 15$ lol

I like the casino for just playing but in terms of bonuses and vip this is the worst place in the worst sad to say but true

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