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Additionally, you should examine your alternative views briefly at the end of your critique. Therefore, you should evaluate the author’s ability to present ideas in a logical and convincing manner. You can only produce a worthy critique by scrutinizing the strongest arguments or the most pertinent gun control essay issues in the article. Write your critique in the third person and present tense, unless the style indicates another preference. Always review the style guidelines prior to starting to write. Richard Perkins is a Writing Coach, Academic English Coordinator, and the Founder of PLC Learning Center.

  1. Structure is very important when it comes to how to write an article critique.
  2. Offering a perfect portrayal of the 19th-century stereotypes, it is a treasure that is certainly worth the read.
  3. Most probably, you will be asked to follow the APA formatting style, so we recommend you to find some efficient APA manuals and learn the key rules that should be followed.
  4. When scanning, please go through the distinct data one needs and read it carefully.
  5. Do not skip the important information because in such an important academic paper, every detail matters.
  6. Be sure to include a thesis statement that outlines your main argument before proceeding to the main part of the critique.

You should also ensure that you cover the article’s main ideas while analyzing the article rather than examining issues that are not essential to the author’s claims. You may read the text several times in order to cover all the above-mentioned points. Avoid taking brief notes, as they will complicate the following analysis of the article. Remember that you are dealing with complex academic work, so it is feasible to review each aspect in detail. Consider using direct quotations from the author’s work where appropriate in order to avoid plagiarism. In this guide, you will find recommendations on what steps need to be taken to write a good critique and how to structure this type of academic writing.

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Start each paragraph with a sentence related to your specific topic or subtopic. Then, go into the details and use your arguments to expose the weak points. Whenever you include any piece of evidence, make sure you properly cite your sources. In academic writing, the format of an article critique includes an introduction, a brief summary, the critique itself, and the conclusion. Writing a critique should be preceded by active and close reading and taking notes of certain aspects of research.

well written article critique

However, the author’s standing should not be the primary criteria for analyzing the article. Because an author who is an expert on the subject is likely to have greater credibility, you should identify the qualifications of the author for examining the subject. Additionally, if the approach improves upon previous research by others, you should state the importance of the new findings to the field. Allows you to show that you can effectively evaluate the validity of research or claims of other writers. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 916,026 times. Always proofread your written work at least twice before turning it in to your professor, boss, or publisher.

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The thesis states the author’s opinion and even lists the major parts of the argument. A thesis statement is usually in the beginning of the article. In shorter articles, it tends to be at the end of the introductory paragraph, though this is not always the case. In longer articles https://tribunrakyatnews.com/need-to-write-a-division-and-classification-essay/ like journal articles, the thesis might be several paragraphs in. Thesis statements are generally only one sentence long. However, depending on the complexity of the point being made, a thesis might be several sentences long to cover the major points the article wishes to make.

Critically analyze the article and develop a balanced judgment based on the author’s view, other authors’ views, and your own experience. If the concept of article critique still seems too confusing to you or you would like to get your critique assignment checked in terms of clarity, style, or plagiarism, the help is out there. Regardless if you need to learn how to write an article review or struggle with critique writing, we know how to make things easier. Turn to our writers who are ready to help you 24/7. Keep your challenges resolved, meet the deadlines and avoid plagiarism. Just place your order with EduBirdie and let our professionals deal with even the most complex article critique or any other college task.

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So, like any other type of essay, great scientific research or literary critique begins with a great outline. The notes should guide your drafting of the outline. We refer to this as a preliminary outline since you will depend on it the entire process of the critique.

well written article critique

Just say critique my paper/ write my article critique essay through ordering an article critique essay and leave the rest to us. You do not need a critique example to learn how to write one. Keep in mind that your introductory paragraph is the place where you need to disclose your main argument. First, you need to provide the full title of the article, its author, the date of its publication, and the journal in which it was published. Then, you need to include a thesis statement that will outline the key idea of the article you analyze.

How to Write a Dissertation Critique: Examples & Guide 2023

We rely on the most current and reputable sources, which are cited in the text and listed at the bottom of each article. Content is fact how long is a one page essay checked after it has been edited and before publication. Structure is very important when it comes to how to write an article critique.

  1. To evaluate a source, consider some of the following questions.
  2. If the concept of article critique still seems too confusing to you or you would like to get your critique assignment checked in terms of clarity, style, or plagiarism, the help is out there.
  3. Summarize the analysis you provided in the body of the critique.
  4. In addition to the above, below are ideas that can help come up with an effective text.
  5. So, we felt we should help you learn how to critique an article with ease.
  6. Yes, such a profound search for proof requires a lot of time and effort.
  7. This may not always be mandatory, but if you write an article critique for a scientific piece, you are expected to question and evaluate how the author did their research.

The content of the article is likely the most important aspect for your literary critique, but don’t overlook the formal and/or literary techniques that the author might use. Pay attention to obscure word choices and the author’s tone throughout the article. Read through the article once to get the main idea. The first time you read through an article, you should simply try to understand the overall argument that the author is making. The https://www.uniquecardwedding.co.id/how-long-should-your-college-essay-be-what-is-the/ authors provide a unique balance between psychoacoustic and electrophysiologic tests based on the type of lesion chosen. It must be noted that the various types of mental disorders have been taken into consideration to provide well-weighted research. The article meets its purpose of providing varied research based on the works of skilled experts in Psychiatry, Neurology, Neuropsychology, and Pediatric Psychology among other sciences.


To really critique an article, the most important thing you can present is evidence. Ask yourself, “What did I just read? What can I pull from it to support my point?” You have to really go through the article with a fine tooth comb to be able to critique the author’s main idea. The introduction is not the place to provide evidence for your opinions.

Keep in mind that your conclusion should not introduce new details and should not contain new quotes. Basically, you need to rephrase your thesis and readdress the main strengths and weaknesses of the article you analyzed. Remember that commentary paper your conclusion is the best way to make an impression on your reader. Thus, you need to make is strong, clear, and detailed. When writing the body paragraphs for article critique, you should follow the structure of an original article.

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Mostly, by just reading the abstract, you can be clear on what the author is trying to achieve. If the abstract is not clear on the main argument, sink into the introduction and conclusion. Evaluate the practicality of the message and critically assess whether the author has maintained consistency in presenting it. As you identify the message, evaluate if there body paragraph of an essay is any bias that might affect the entire research goal. We must say that albeit being a simple process, we have had students ask us, what is a research article critique? We are very much aware of the tactics professors employ when assigning papers. Mostly, the instructions precede a light introduction with the assumption that you will research and write.

What are the 4 critical approaches in writing a critique?

This slide contains the topic on how to use appropriate critical approaches in writing a critique such as formalism, feminism, reader-response criticism and Marxist criticism (Marxism).

There are two categories of paper-evaluation, literature and critical review. One that involves evaluation of the details contained in a book or an article is critical review. One how many words is a 5 paragraph essay that focuses on more information in a deeper length is the literature review. However, the guides on writing an article sample irrespective of the category are almost the same.

How to Critique an Article: Prewriting Steps

All the parts such as the heading section, abstract, introductory subsection, the main content, summary section, and citation of literature must contain the correct details. It is a type of task where one assesses someone else’s article to provide a summary. You should provide answers to the questions concerning the author’s intentions based on the arguments they use to deliver the essence of the paper. Provide information about the object of your critique, indicate the article’s author and title, and identify the article’s chief intentions and thesis that reflect the aim of your analysis. When we are dissatisfied with something, we become passionate critics, point out errors, and demonstrate our awareness of each issue at the professional level.

The main argument serves as your personal position on what you are writing. This position should be provided at the beginning of your paper to show the readers what they should expect from your paper. If this point is missing, you should revise your paper, as you may be on the wrong way of writing a simple summary. Interpretive essays provide your readers with answers that relate to the meaning of the work in question. To do this, you must select a method of determining the meaning, read/watch/observe your analysis subject using this method, and put forth an argument. You should also go to the article to see if there are any biased opinions. It is not unusual for someone to pick a side and not even consider the opposing point of view.

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