Best 14 Websites for Aspiring Writers

Every writer needs a good editor, and the Reedsy website only works with the best. Their hand-picked, experienced, professional editors can review your story development, structure, consistency, and style, helping to perfect and polish your manuscript.

Pro Writing Aid features some of the key aspects of a powerful text editing tool. This tool checks the entered content for plagiarism, usage of vague/abstract words, alliteration analysis, and more, in addition to regular spell-checking and other grammar tools. Content in English is broadly classified into two types – Active and Passive voice. The active voice is the one that is more concise and straightforward. The use of passive voice more often hampers your written English to a huge extent.


Currently, they have a few topics that you can explore and write about. Focus On The Family is a Christian ethics-based website that promotes good behavior, ethics, parenting, faith, and culture via well-written articles. Once the idea gets approved, try to write according to their style guide. As soon as the publication decides to publish, you will receive your payment via PayPal. Payment is always sent when the article is published, along with a copy of the issue. Edible Seattle primarily relies on freelancers for most of their food stories across departments.

How old is the average writer?

There are over 7,591 authors currently employed in the United States. 50.5% of all authors are women, while 49.5% are men. The average age of an employed author is 42 years old.

Whether you are a writer who wants to publish your book or a novice writer who does not know where to start, SelfPublishing is the right dissertation support services blog for you. For regular insights from a New York Times bestselling author, look no further than Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog.

Write simply

I am yet to meet a writer who after endless rounds of editing, sweating over every word and rearranging sentences, could be 100 percent sure their text was absolutely typo-free. The app is free however you can choose for a paid service that offers additional features. It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only way to write—you may prefer to write with more flowing, flowery language, and that’s absolutely something you can do! The Hemingway App is a good option for you, though, if your writing is difficult for others to understand, more lengthy than you’d like or if you just want to write in a simpler style. You can make edits to your text right on the website and watch your readability score increase as you do!

  • Take any of your favorite articles on the web, these articles have the best prose and text layout, which only make you read more.
  • Writing prompts are posted here daily, offering inspiration for writers in all genres.
  • One of this site’s best features is its section on literature in translation — a great resource for those who want to read books and authors from around the world.
  • But you also get the ones exclusive to this site, like The Character Motivation Thesaurus, The Color and Pattern Thesaurus, and The Symbolism and Motif Thesaurus.

Is distributed by the writers themselves as well as by Social Blasters, a global team of top digital influencers. It’s totally free to get an account withContenato start seeing how it can kickstart your writing career. I have tried a few AI copywriting apps but so far the best outputs have been on Rytr. If you need to create quality content quickly, I would thoroughly recommend Rytr. Create a professional blog next to one written under a pen name.

Ways to Build Colossal Pre

But then again, your personal name might help brand you uniquely as potential clients can differentiate you from other common-name writing businesses. So consider your options before jumping into a brand or business name haphazardly. You never know how you’ll grow, adapt, and change in your freelance writing business. So you’ll want to choose carefully to set yourself up for long-term success. Free writing resources for students K-12 in seven main categories. Each category includes a selection of fun writing games, instructional videos, printable writing worksheets, and other writing tools. This site also offers online courses with writing instruction by certified teachers.

Write using action words, and don’t be afraid to tell your readers what to do. Keep readers flowing through content with calls to action and when appropriate, instructions. Users don’t read content https://revistageek.com/2581/buy-research-papers-online/ word for word—they scan pages for the information they need. Short, to-the-point paragraphs are better than long, convoluted ones. As a rule of thumb, paragraphs shouldn’t exceed 5 to 6 lines.


Several short paragraphs are preferable to a single long paragraph. Neutral language is easier to read and understand than subjective and boastful text. Build a home for your writing, outside of walled gardens and locked-down platforms. You’ll never see ads while you’re focused on your work, and neither will your readers. Press “Pub­lish” to send your words to the web, social me­dia, and sub­scri­bers.

The Hemingway App tackles a lot of nuances in English writing, like very complex sentences, uses of passive voice, overuse of adverbs, and much more. The standalone desktop software for Mac and Windows costs $9.99. Writing aptly is a skill and it goes beyond the simple use of grammar in your prose. While grammar forms an essential aspect of writing, there are more aspects of writing which must be taken off while working on it. If you have been on the hunt for the best Macbook Apps for writers, you have come to the right place. There are so many out there and it can be hard to decide what you could possibly want out of a program or what you might need. If for some reason blog is not your preferred format, there are instructional e-books, vlogs, and a podcast.

About the Author

Before pitching, we highly suggest perusing their website or previous volumes to see whether they have covered the same topic in the past. If yes, we advise presenting the subject from a fresh angle for a unique story. Your pitch should also have a proper https://altincerez.com/2023/01/10/list-of-important-publications-in-mathematics/ headline, and the body should have the article summary with no more than 200 words. The pay is$100 per submission, and your listicle needs to be around 1,500 words. Grumpy Cat, a feline turned internet sensation, is actually quite friendly and content.

How do beginner writers get paid?

  1. Rewrite local small-business websites.
  2. Find abandoned business blogs.
  3. Write business emails.
  4. Create a newsletter or brochure.
  5. Report articles for local news media.
  6. Write for local magazines.
  7. Turn your former employer into a client.
  8. Write for local marketing agencies.

This is a treasure-trove of articles on book marketing, self-publishing, and, of course, book design, including book covers, typography basics, and text layout. Writing websites are useful hubs of information for aspiring authors and writers of all types and genres. But you can’t just read—to really learn from this resource, you need to read actively and closely. Write notes in a journal so you can get a better feel for the language.

Kris Writes

Contributors, amongst other accounts and articles may be professional fee-based. I put this list together because I know how hard it can be to get a start when you are trying to kickstart a writing career.

So next time you feel blocked, don’t waste your time and head here straight away. Starting soon the creators of the website plan to organize workshops where they will introduce some practice to go with the theory. Still, the scope of the material on the website is impressive as is. Apart from pay to do assignments valuable advice, Friedlander shares free book cover templates, book launch toolkit, and media kit for authors to optimize the marketing of your book. We’re proud of our educational blog, and are always creating new content to help writers turn their dream of publishing a book into reality.


Whatever your business goals, Copyblogger can supply the tools you need to create the kind of powerful content that will achieve them. This leading resource for pay for assignment blogging and digital marketing has been leveling up copywriting and content marketing skills since 2006, so it wouldn’t hurt to see what they can do for yours.

website for writing

Self-Publishing School is an online education company geared toward aspiring authors, and those that are already self-published. People save 100’s of hours in the process, save thousands of dollars buy dissertation online on key investments for success, publish a book they’re proud of, and sell 1,000+ more copies in the first year. All while allowing you to maintain control of your book–and its royalties.

Chock full of resources, there are lesson plans, classroom activity guides, and printable worksheets to help you in the classroom. Now the two have started a weekly podcast where they talk with chart-topping authors. With over 250 hours of interviews from authors including Michael Connelly, Joanne Harris and Bryan Cranston , priceless insight is just website for writing a listen away. Getting it right and making it short — is exactly what writers need to complete a nonfiction work of art that flows, reads well and is properly structured. The excessive use of passive voice might be the reason for the non-persuasive tone of your writing. Get rid of such form of writing using the Aztekera Passive voice checker tool.

  • Here you can find recent articles, workbooks, tutorials, and fascinating discussions on writing.
  • Use research from websites that regularly maintained to insure that the information isn’t outdated.
  • This site also offers online courses with writing instruction by certified teachers.
  • They can request more words, start over and even share their poetry electronically.

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